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IInteractive Monitored Discussions

WWe make remote / online learning more effective

Interactive Video Studios specializes in streaming and interactive video.

  • With interactive learning, you can engage the learner and make a collaborative environment.
  • Most learners are visual and they retain more through video learning then just reading modules.
  • We deliver the learning similar to how they learn it in the class room.
  • Involving interactive gamification can make learning more exciting.
  • We can provide the feedback loop that is lost in online training process.

DDistance Learning Isn’t Working

  • Most distance solutions are not collaborative or interactive.
  • Not all learners learn the same way.
  • Most students need a structured learning schedule.
  • Material is boring and lacks the ability to hold the learners attention.
  • Measurements of success are based on course completion and not comprehension.

HHow can we help your team?

  • We can work with ever Learning Management System you already have.
  • We can setup a interactive collaborate work environment.
  • We can switch between instructor slides and the instructor in realtime.
  • We can use a green or blue screen to superimpose the instructor into their slides
  • We can even animate your background slide with music, visual FX and sound FX.
  • We can set our portable studio with all the hardware equipment needed.
  • Or we can also build a learning streaming TV studio on your campus
  • We can train your staff how to use all the equipment.

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