WWebsite Videos Increase SEO

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VVideo Testimonial More Trusted

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YYoutube Videos Targeted Marketing

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FFAQ Video Increase Productivity

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WWebpage Videos

Increase google ranking and converting visitor to customers

All SEO Experts agree, adding video to your website will increase your chance of coming up on a google search. It is said that if you have video on your homepage that you are 53% more likely to show up on the first page of google. Videos also keep people on your website 60% longer.

Videos make you stand out from your competition. Customers make their buying decisions by watching videos. Videos will help you demonstrate your product or service. 64 percent of people who visit a business’ website are likely to buy that product after watching a video.

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EExplainer or FAQ Videos

“How to” videos can Save Time and Money.

Explainer or frequently ask question videos can make your workers more productive. Anything you have to explain over and over again should be on your website as a explainer video. This frees up your workers to do more productive work.

90% of your customer want to watch an explainer video then to read a manual or text on a website. Why not give your customers what they want?

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VVideo Testimonails

D"Dont take our word for it"

Peoples buying decisions mostly comes from other people's opinions about that product or service. We all want to make sure that we are making the right choice. So, we rely mostly on other peoples testimonials. When the testimonial is in a text base format, We do not know if the testimonials are even coming from a real person. Video testimonails are more trusted form of a testimonial.

Emotions sell and videos are the best way to make that emotional connection. Interactive Video Studios can shoot, edit, encode and embed those testimonial videos on your website and/or social media networks.

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AYoutube Marketing

Highly targeted marketing that is even more affordable than a post card!

We all seen them. You type a phrase (keywords) into a youtube search and you see that video ad that comes up before the one you selected. You have two options. If you are interested in the video, you continue to watch it, or after five seconds of watching the video ad, you can skip it. Those video ads are free to the advertiser, if you skip it before 30 seconds of watching it. The advertiser typically only pays 5 to 30 cents to youtube if you watch it for 30 secs or more.

This is the most effective way of Search Engine Marketing. Interactive Video Studios can help you create, set a budget limit and set what keywords, demographic, and the GPS radius area you what to display your video to. We can even make your video come up before a certain videos on Youtube.

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