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DDesign and Build In-house Studio

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AA Few Words About Us

We specialize in streaming video

Whether it’s interactive virtual classrooms or webinars, interactive video studios works with the latest technology for online video solutions for your learning management solutions. Whether it’s building in in-house studio for your organization or utilizing our portable on-site studios, we have a solution for your budget. We also offer consulting and on-camera coaching.

WWhat we offer

Interactive Video Studios, creates online video streaming service and consulting.

Studio Build
  • Build an in-house studio
  • Live or recorded video streaming
  • Build virtual sets envirnment
  • Interactive monitored chat sessions
  • On-Camera talent coaching
  • Ongoing consulting and maintaining of equipment
  • Train your staff how to use the equipment
Portable Studio
  • On-site Studio
  • We bring the studio out to you
  • Operate teleprompers, camera switchers
  • On-Camera talent coaching
  • Interactive monitored chat sessions
  • Stream video through Blackboard, Canvas, Google Classroom, or in-house LMS

  • Low cost streaming for every classroom
  • Utilize Iphone or Low-cost cameras
  • Ongoing consulting and maintaining of equipment
  • Interactive monitored student chat sessions
  • Connect into Google hangouts, Skype, other LMS solutions Connect into Google hangouts, Skype, other LMS solutions
  • Custom webinars with two way interaction
  • Hybrid Solutions
  • Business, school and conference streaming
  • Setting up custom solution
  • Training on how to present on-camera
  • Online Video Marketing
  • Animated infographic and logos
Providing quality Video Solution since 2009

GGreat Industry Expertise

With over 20 years of collective professional experience in creating online learning for University and Corporations. We utilize the latest technology in E-learning, Learning Management Systems and streaming technology to ensure the best results. We can also intigrate with your existing LMS

EWhy develope an eLearn Solution

Having an online alternative or supplimentray solution is a mosts. We learn visauly and watch online videos on a dailly bases

Visual Learners


Retain video information


Retain printed information


Student watch video on a daily bases


FFrequently Asked Questions

We found that even the best teachers and presenters have problems when it comes to presenting on camera. Having no feedback loop and not able to rely on their audience for interaction, Presenters tend to stumble through this new process.

Through our on-camera coaching we can make experts out of all your presenters.

It takes as little as two people to stream a live webinar or classroom. One that acts as a moderator that takes questions from a chat window and can operate a switcher that switches between the presenters laptop and other cameras. Secondly, the instructor that presents the material and answer questions from the participant.

The only thing you need is a internet connection and a laptop that has HDMI out that we will connect it up to our TV switcher. We provide all of the other equipment you need for the video production.

Professional Video Production

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